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Our aim is to further the interest and knowledge of Amateur Radio in the South Wales Area We have one of the largest, friendliest training teams in South Wales. We have training links to the Rhondda amateur radio society and its 90 year history and experience in training.

Our advert that was broadcast on 106.3 Bridge.FM the counties local radio station, in partnership with Valleys To Coast making housing work.

Our club QTH

A Brief history of Amateur Radio

Throughout the history of amateur radio, amateur radio enthusiasts have made significant contributions to science, engineering, industry, and social services. Research by amateur radio operators has founded new industries, built economies, empowered nations, and saved lives in times of emergency in the UK that is done through Raynet (Radio Amateurs Emergency Network).

Amateur radio is a hobby and, by law, completely non-commercial. Individual amateur "ham" radio operators pursue the avocation for personal pleasure through building their own radio stations and communicating with their fellows globally, and for self-improvement via study and practice of electronics, computers, and radio and TV wave behavior. Radio amateurs are, thus, "amateurs" in the true sense of the word: pursuit of an activity only for the love of it. Radio amateurs can not broadcast or transmit music and other general public entertainment programming. The amateur radio use of the air waves is for personal satisfaction and for forwarding the "state of the art" of electronics and communication techniques. Amateur radio operations can be detected in designated bands throughout the radio spectrum, using a variety of modulation methods including Morse code, voice and digital modes, and image modes such as television and facsimile. (Read More)

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